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Hello! This is Money Speaking by Aatmn Parmar – Book Review

Hello This is Money Speaking by Aatmn Parma book review critics
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Aatmn Parmar’s book on money, “Hello! This is Money Speaking,” is not about the financial aspects of money. It is rather about the philosophical and spiritual, psychological and moral dive into the world of dimes. The author has cleverly put her thoughts in many different chapters of short length. This part makes the book an enlightening, entertaining and eye-opening journey for any reader who wants to understand such aspects of money. Keep in mind that a reader should not expect to find monetary suggestions, investment ideas and money-saving tips for house-runners in this book by Aatmn Parmar. It is about the psychology of money, from a cleverly-written perspective of money itself. You will like the book (as far as you take an interest in the different types of literature). 

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