Looking for the best books to read this weekend? Want to start reading a series of novels – like Bond or Game of Thrones? Want to read the best short stories collection? Find yourself in that limited circle of readers who still love reading poetry? Look no further; you will find the best book reviews suggesting you the best books with opinions, remarks and suggestions in the best possible format. We believe in the philosophy of ‘read then wrote’ when it comes to writing for our platform, one of the best book reviews websites (to be soon) nationally and globally!

The inspiration for this platform came from a concept. Why do the readers need to read too long reviews? They can read very short, precise and rich opinions that just tell them what the book is about, irrespective of the genre. Read then Wrote, our website, does the same for you. You read a review and you instantly know, within a few seconds, whether you would like to read this book or not. Isn’t that wonderful?

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