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Who should read poetry by T. S. Eliot?

Who should read T. S. Eliot's poetry Opinion Read then Wrote
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Though it will be injustice, of a kind, to ask any reader to stay away from a literary work, T. S. Eliot’s poetry, to be honest, is not meant to be read by one and all. His imagery, his perception and his ideas, linguistic proficiency, maturity and unconventional style devoid of apparent lyrical luxury as we find in Keats or Shakespeare or even Marlowe, and many other qualities of T. S. Eliot rather make his poetry obscure – everyone cannot ‘come in under the shadow of this red rock’. Eliot’s obscurity, nevertheless, makes him one of the most loved poets by critics, scholars and experts of English literature. He inspired a generation of poets. So, whether you understand his poetry in the very first impression or not, you should read him to end your ‘quests’.


by Madhav for Read then Wrote

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