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These Hindi Poets are must-read for every reader of Hindi Literature – a short list

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You must have read many short lists for many different awards in many different countries. You may have read many books by getting influenced by the names on the lists on many occasions. Yes, lists do affect your mindset. And it is good to see that lists generate momentum, heat and anticipation. Today, influenced by those lists, I am also offering a list of Hindi poets whom you must read. And these poets are no ordinary poets, mark it. They are all well-reputed, respected, widely read and highly debated. All.

  1. Surya Kant Tripathi Nirala: This poet will make you wonder, wander, stand calm, ponder, laugh, weep, reel in the flow of nature, and most of all, envy the richness of language that the poet possesses… his imagination, his devotion to various Hindu Gods, his steadfastness… and many other things. Nirala is the best poet… to me… in Hindi literature. Do read him.
  2. Jaishankar Prasad: Though well-known as a dramatist, Jaishankar Prasad is a well-known poet whose word selection and style of rendering emotions into words are amazing. He is second to none in many. He is first in many. I will always put him after Nirala on any list I make.
  3. Shiv Mangal Singh Suman: A poet who has given many iconic lines to remember to many who speak Hindi and read the same. Shiv Mangal Singh Suman is an iconic poet of Hindi in modern India and his poems reverberate in the hearts of many. Do read him to feel the magic of words.
  4. Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Undoubtedly one of the best poets in Hindi who rendered vir rasa in verse the best of all. His poems about patriotism, Indian icons, Indian culture and Hindu dharma are amazing and feel like magic when you read those. You can read his poems by getting any of his collections from Amazon.
  5. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar: The composer of great poetry like Rashmirathi, Urvashi, and more, Dinkar was the rashtrakavi for many. You can read his poems to understand and realise the rasas in their amazing flow…


You will enjoy reading these poets for sure. So, when are you starting?

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