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The Circus Trap by Sindhu John – Book Review

The Circus Trap by Sindhu John Book Review Read then Wrote
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Sometimes, a good book comes in the form of children’s literature… helping the younger audience realise what is good and what is not right. Sindhu John’s novel for kids, The Circus Trap, is one of those books. It tries to portray the classic battle between the good and the bad in a contemporary way so that the readers of the day, however young, can easily relate to it and understand why is it important to take care of beings around us in the same way, irrespective of their size, species and other details that otherwise manner. The Circus Trap is also an adventure novel that takes ahead the wonderful, fascinating and courageous journey of four young kids – Lucy, Ethan, Penny and Jack. The mission is rescuing a panther from the torturous circus of Miss Scaly. Will they succeed? Will they get help from someone? Will the panther see independence? The novel will be exciting for kids and they will surely love it. Interesting story, brave protagonists and sketches all the way… Get a copy from Amazon India today!

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Review by Alka for Read Then Wrote Book Blog

The Circus Trap by Sindhu John – Book Review
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The Circus Trap by Sindhu John is a children’s novel that offers an interesting animal rescue story… planned and executed by children. Messages of importance delivered to the readers by the fictitious sequence of events…

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